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Data Protection

Protect your mission-critical data with Backup as a Service (BaaS) from Harbor Solutions.

Our high-performance managed backup services have been designed based on our customers’ needs. We implement and manage future-proof and scalable backup solutions specifically for your requirements, ensuring protection against the risk of data loss.

Backup as a service

Why Do Businesses Need Backup?


Harbor offers an effective backup management service to ensure the ultimate level of protection against data loss.


Data is the fundamental backbone of every company and keeping that data safe is critical to protecting your business. In today’s world of rapid change, continuous access, GDPR and intellectual property, data loss can not only cause significant financial pain, but it can have regulative and legal ramifications for your business.

We understand that all businesses have different data requirements. That is why we work with you to understand your scale and breadth of data, current storage locations and plans for growth. We use this to create a reliable and tailored solution, which streamlines your backup management processes and protects your data in a systematic and scalable way, to ensure business continuity.


Our Backup Management Solutions


Harbor’s Backup as a Service (BaaS) provides a simple solution to the complex task of protecting against data corruption, data loss, malware and ransomware attacks.

Harbor use a combination of leading class technology placement, consulting, operations and delivery to provide an end to end backup solution that is both high performance and extremely flexible, both commercially and in terms of capability.


With proven experience working across the data protection industry, we deploy and manage your backup services, giving you a trusted partner for preventing data loss. Our data specialists monitor your file systems, applications and virtual server data 24/7/365, ensuring that your data is protected efficiently and reliably.


Combined with our disaster recovery solution and our 100% satisfaction rate from customers, we empower you to focus on developing your core business, with the peace of mind that your data is always protected wherever it is, now and into the future.

Speak to a member of our team about Harbor Backup as a Service.

Data Residency


Our datacentres are in the United Kingdom and all customer backup and replication data is held in one of these facilities. Data is never replicated out of the United Kingdom without express authorisation by customers. 

Customers who utilise public cloud such as AWS and Microsoft Azure should refer to the relevant provider to understand where data resides.


Rubrik Logo White

Working closely with Rubrik, we have developed a Cloud Data Management platform to provide customers with one solution for instant recovery, search, development and cloud with game changing results.


Our platform is suitable for customers of any size, bringing the Award Winning technology of Rubrik to the wider market.

Backup Management Features
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OPEX Based

Harbor backup services makes it easy to scale up your backup services efficiently, without being restrained by CAPEX demands.

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Hybrid Data Recovery & Retention Options

We give you the option to deploy hybrid on-premise applications, or use cloud-based solutions, such as Azure and AWS, to benefit from reliable data recovery.

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Choice of Backup Locations

Using both onsite applications and cloud-based solutions, we support you to store data at a location of your choice.

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Our expert engineers and data recovery specialists are on hand 24/7/365 for all the support you require.

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Secure Access and Permissions

You gain complete peace of mind with secure and delegated access rights and permissions.

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Our intuitive web portal enables you to monitor backup status, coverage, success rates and consumption via alerts, notifications and reports.

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