IT Disaster Recovery

Use our DRaaS solution to immediately respond to the worst-case scenarios and protect your data from downtime.

Harbor’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) gives you more ways to protect critical workloads with a consistent and continuous Disaster Recovery (DR) process.


Our intuitive cloud-based portal enables you to test Disaster Recovery with zero impact on your production systems and leverage leading Cloud providers including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

From a single console, you gain complete control over your organisations sites and can easily recover from ransomware, corruption and any other disaster.


IT Disaster Recovery has never been easier with our team of experienced engineers available 24/7 to support live invocations in a disaster situation, scheduled tests or general enquiries.


Using the industry-leading Zerto IT Resilience Platform we help customers address disaster recovery and workload mobility challenges. Built-in orchestration and automation provide customers with a simple, agile solution to save time, resources and costs.


Analytics with intelligent dashboards give customers complete visibility across multi-site and cloud environments.

Key Benefits

Ease of

Single unified interface for data protection policy management, SLA monitoring and service level reporting for executive management and governance.

Continuous Data Protection

Say goodbye to periodic backups and snapshots. Deliver the most aggressive RTOs and RPOs with near-synchronous replication. RPOs measured in seconds and RTOs measured in minutes - a guaranteed SLA of 4 hours.


Every change made is automatically written into a journal with a granularity of seconds, enabling recovery to a point in time immediately before an incident.


Validate recoverability or test against production replicas, all with no production or protection impact with assistance from our DR consultants.

Simplified Fail-Back Processes

Our highly trained team will be available to reverse replication, fail-back to your environment and help you return to business as usual after a disaster.

Hybrid and

Protect and migrate workloads to, from and between clouds without production impact for Azure, AWS and more. Maintain visibility across your multi-site, multi-cloud environment without extra software to install or maintain.

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