Microsoft 365 Backup

Protect and recover Exchange, SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive, with Harbor’s Microsoft 365 backup solutions.

Used by 1.5 billion people across a range of industries and sectors, Microsoft 365’s (formerly Office 365) cloud-based subscription service is an essential tool for businesses worldwide.

Microsoft have the infrastructure to ensure service and data availability are not disrupted, however whilst this reduces the risk of downtime it does NOT reduce the risk of data loss. Native options for data recovery are limited and they only provide some basic safety measures. There is minimal object level coverage and data copies are hosted within Microsoft infrastructure rather than discrete copies in a segregated environment.

Harbor’s backup service for Microsoft 365 makes this a priority. Our solution provides regular, reliable backups, stored outside of the Microsoft cloud that bring confidence to your business, knowing data is secure and accounted for all year round.


The Solution

Our solution is designed to bring you the level of certainty and flexibility that you deserve. Encompassing the full Microsoft 365 suite, including Exchange, SharePoint, One Drive and Teams, our solution enables you to:

  • Benefit from outsourcing your backup to our data specialists who are on hand to assist with any issues all year round

  • Retrieve data from a specific point in time, so that you can always recover the right version of your data when you need it most

  • Easily back up and recover individual objects from Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams

  • Achieve fully auditable reporting on user operations to help you keep on top of any changes to data

  • Enjoy flexible data retentions which allow you to keep the data you need, for a period of time that suits you

  • Backup or recover to a choice of alternative segregated environments, outside of Microsoft, for additional peace of mind

  • Use a self-service portal to keep you in control at all times


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